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What our patients are saying

I tried the blue pills, the brown pills, and everything else. This Swiss Wave was the best solution I found, so I went with it, and I’m happy I did. It’s all done here confidentially. I think they’re all professionals, and they’re going to help you. That’s what they’re here for. It doesn’t do you any good unless you get help.

– T.R. 


[Since my first visit to Gulf Coast Medical], my erections have gotten better. I’m able to sustain intercourse — the key word is sustained. Come [to Gulf Coast Medical] and give it a try. This is a good staff, and I highly recommend it, and I’m not getting paid.

– A.J.


Go do the treatment at Gulf Coast Medical. I would tell everybody who asked me, “Go have the treatment,” because sometimes it takes one treatment, sometimes it takes more than one treatment, and their office really made the difference for me.

– T.D.


I thought my performance in bed wasn’t as good as I’d hoped that it would be, and I thought I would come out here and see what they could do to help out. It’s taken a while, but I feel that the sexual experiences have certainly come a long way from where it was. I enjoyed going through this, and I’m really happy with the response I’ve been getting.

– B.A.


I felt a little bit uneasy in coming in here, but it was very comfortable and it gives you a new reason to go to a new place. I would certainly recommend that if you’re able to get evaluated through this process and to attempt it. I think it works in most people very well. Maybe some people who haven’t had the surgical interventions I have may even have an easier time with remedying it, but I’m pleased with the whole outcome. Go do it, guys.

– R.L.


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